Welcome to C Fraser Physiotherapy –
providing modified Pilates classes in Cumbernauld

Pilates is an ever popular form of exercise which focuses on deep muscles around the pelvis and spine, aiming to develop good posture and efficient body movement. Modified Pilates can be helpful for a wide range of people, including those with back pain, recovering from sports or work related injuries and during and after pregnancy as well as for those simply wishing to develop a more toned, supple body. Because Pilates requires concentration on precise and controlled movements, it can also promote relaxation of mind and body.


Where and when:

Monday 10.30-11.30am    Dunnswood studios, Cumbernauld

Monday 7.30-8.30pm        Dullatur community hall, Dullatur

Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm       Dullatur community hall, Dullatur

Wednesday 10.30-11.30am       Dunnswood studios, Cumbernauld 

Thursday 7.30-8.30pm               Craigalbert centre, Cumbernauld 


For a 5 week block:

£45 for 1 class per week
£70 for 2 classes per week 

What to expect:

Classes last around 1 hour. All classes will be led by a chartered physiotherapist, certified to teach Pilates by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) which uses a modified form of Pilates, allowing exercises to be tailored more specifically to each individual.

Before you start the classes, you will be asked to complete a short screening form to check if there are any reasons why you should not participate in the classes and to alert the class instructor of any specific modifications you may require.

Classes will be limited to a maximum of 12 participants to allow the instructor to check each individual’s quality of movement and posture as they exercise. Class participants should wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise and must be able to get on and off a mat on the floor. You will be required to bring along your own mat.



Available at Dunnswood studios at a prearranged date and time.

Cost: £45

Each session lasts around 45 minutes.

If you have ongoing aches and pains or specific medical conditions, you may benefit from the greater feedback and direction possible through one to one sessions. The first session will comprise a thorough assessment to identify areas of weakness you need to work on and give you a prescribed, individual exercise programme. You will then have the choice of continuing one to one sessions or join a block of classes where you can continue to work on the Pilates method.​



Here are some things people have said about my classes and 1-1 sessions:
“I have found the classes very helpful in improving the way I move in everyday life – particularly at work. The one to one session helped me understand what I should be concentrating on in class, and in general the classes are very relaxing.”

“As very much a Pilates novice I have found your classes to be a helpful and enjoyable introduction to the discipline. Instructions are clear and encouraging and there is a good balance between general demonstrations and help for individuals who are less experienced (or pliable), such as myself.”

“Find Christine’s classes very calm and relaxing. Was looking for something different to my zumba class. Have been pleasantly surprised in the improvement I have felt over the last few sessions with my balance and stretching. I can now reach the top shelf in my kitchen!”

“I started doing Pilates to gain a little more fitness and flexibility so that I could become more active. I find Christine’s classes very helpful to me, she is always there to help me correct my posture and is conscious of the fact I have a sore shoulder. The routines are well put together and always different. I always feel great after the classes.”

“I really enjoy the class and look forward to it each week. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Instructions for the exercises are clear and the one to one support means we all get to know what to do. I love the feeling of getting to understand how my body works, where my strengths lie and what I need to work on. I am definitely much more supple than I was before. I always feel really good after a class and would recommend it to anyone.”

“I started Pilates classes after suffering from SPD & PGP during pregnancy. My physio advised me to try it. The classes have ultimately cured my back & pelvis pain, and they also help me when dealing with my toddler on a day-to-day basis; I find that as long as I am attending Pilates classes I don’t suffer from back pain when I have to lift her (constantly!). I really enjoy the classes as it is a surprisingly good workout (considering it looks like we are just lying on the floor most of the time) and I prefer it to gym workouts as it is more controlled and I don’t feel like I am at risk of injury. I also like the challenge of Pilates and feeling my strength develop as I get better at the various positions and exercises.”

“I started taking Pilates classes with Christine several months ago as i needed to strengthen my core and tone up after an op, I’ve found Christine’s classes very constructive and she has a very encouraging manner. Christine is always very positive and puts together class routines which seem to work for my body’s needs which I really appreciate. After every class I always feel worked out and filled with new energy.”

“I have had lower back pain for many years – I have seen Physios and Chiropracters with some success – but your Pilates class has made a great deal of difference to my comfort. The class is a pleasure – I always come away feeling relaxed and refreshed. Thank you!”

“Having suffered from recurring back pain for a number of years, I decided to try Christine’s 1-1 pilates classes to see if pilates would help improve my core muscle strength and ease the pain that was beginning to impact my day-day life. The difference has been amazing and I am pain free, I feel stronger and fitter too. Christine is an excellent teacher, very approachable and patient. She works at a level you are comfortable with. I see Christine once a week and I set aside time everyday to do my stretches. I can’t recommend Christine highly enough.”