Pilates is an ever popular form of exercise which focuses on deep muscles around the pelvis and spine, aiming to develop good posture and efficient body movement. Modified Pilates can be helpful for a wide range of people, including those with back pain, recovering from sports or work related injuries and during and after pregnancy as well as for those simply wishing to develop a more toned, supple body. Because Pilates requires concentration on precise and controlled movements, it can also promote relaxation of mind and body.

Where and when:

Monday 10.30-11.30am      Dunnswood studios, Cumbernauld G67 3EN

Monday 7.30-8.30pm          Dullatur community hall, Dullatur G68 0AW

Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm          Dullatur community hall, Dullatur G68 0AW

Wednesday 10.30-11.30am    Dunnswood studios, Cumbernauld

Thursday 7.30-8.30pm         Dullatur community hall, Dullatur G68 0AW





For a 5 week block:

£45 for 1 class per week
£70 for 2 classes per week 

What to expect:

Classes last around 1 hour. All classes will be led by a chartered physiotherapist, certified to teach Pilates by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) which uses a modified form of Pilates, allowing exercises to be tailored more specifically to each individual.

Before you start the classes, you will be asked to complete a short screening form to check that the classes will be suitable for you and to inform the class instructor of any specific modifications you may require. The instructor will give you a quick call to check this with you and advise you on whether you need a 1-1 assessment or are suitable to go straight into a class. 

Classes will be limited to a maximum of 8-12 participants (depending on hall) to allow the instructor to check each individual’s quality of movement and posture as they exercise. Class participants should wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise and must be able to get on and off a mat on the floor. You will be required to bring along your own mat.